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The Beat of Gaia's Heart

All I REALLY Want for Christmas is - A KOALA!

Not done shopping yet? Baby elephants not your cup of tea? How about my favorite animal in all the world -- the koala?

Port Macquarie's Koala Hospital in NSW, Australia could really, really use your help. They rescue and treat wild koalas that are ill or injured, and they depend on public contributions to fund their efforts. If that certain someone on your list still doesn't have a gift sitting under the tree, and if you want to give a gift that won't add to clutter, doesn't have to be sized correctly or in the right color, and will never be returned :) , then please consider visiting the Koala Hospital's website here

and adopting a koala. This works in the usual way: you get a photo and packet of information about the koala you have "adopted," your adoption fee goes to the upkeep of the hospital -- medical supplies and equipment, eucalyptus trees, rescue efforts, research and education -- all vital to keep the Hospital's mission going, and your friend gets to know that because of this gift, another animal has a chance at living its life in the wild. Your gift will make a tremendous difference to an animal that may not survive without you.

BTW, if you want to see the koalas available for adoption, check out these utterly adorable koala photos:

One of these precious animals is a very rare albino koala, who was successfully treated for blindness and released back into the wild.

You can also make a one-time donation through PayPal, if that's more your speed, or buy a stuffed koala from their gift shop for the friend who wants to be able to actually cuddle his or her koala. For the ultimate gift for a koala lover who wishes he or she could actually be there helping, what about the Koala Rehabilitation Manual? Written for wildlife rehabilitators inside Australia, the manual offers a lot of information about koalas that any budding wildlife rescuer would love to know.

Whatever you decide, please consider making a difference in the life of an animal this year.
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