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Marlene Y. Satter
Editorial Consultant

With over 30 years of experience in writing, editing, and proofreading, Marlene Y. Satter offers professional quality work to meet the most exacting standards. A writer of RFPs, technical manuals, newsletters, and technical articles for financial professionals, Satter offers her talents on a consulting basis.

As Lee Barwood, she is an award-winning published author of fantasy, horror, and mystery fiction and poetry; as Marlene Y. Satter, she's former senior editor of Investment Advisor Magazine, with numerous articles in print and Web publications. She can help you polish your manuscript so that it's ready for publication, either through POD services or conventional channels.

She is available for magazine articles, book copy, promotional materials, marketing text, brochures, ghostwriting, or polishing a fiction or nonfiction manuscript. She can help you produce the results you want.

Editorial and writing services are available for technical, financial, and trade writing -- fiction and nonfiction. With extensive experience in these areas, Marlene Satter can offer professional quality and service.

Financial Nonfiction
As a journalist, many of Marlene Satter's stories cover financial issues. Here are links to some of them. For links to other nonfiction articles, scroll down.