Lee Barwood

Paranormal, Mystery, and Environmental Fiction

A Lingering Passion

New in the Haunted Ozarks series

A haunting revived and set in motion by an obsessed producerís search for the truth of his family history reaches out to ensnare the cast of a revived play. As cast members face old ghosts, both their own and those bound to a century-old theater, love and jealousy clash as greed and fear drive the living and the dead alike.

Producer Stan Richards, obsessed with his family history and his own drive for fame, resolves to find the truth about his great-grandfather in the Ozarks town where he performed over a hundred years before. Declan Garrett, nursing a secret tragedy, is swept up in the theaterís haunting as he takes the lead in the play; his leading lady, Phyllida Hancock, has loved him for years but never spoken. Her psychic gift shows her that Declan is in danger from the ghostly presences in the theater.

She must decide whether her love can save Declan from a doom that also comes in the guise of loveóbut may claim him forever.

Selected Works

Love and death tread the boards at a haunted Victorian theater
Love can survive death -- but so can hate. The two collide in this haunted Ozarks tale of betrayal and heroism -- on both sides of the grave.
Australian wildlife images to stimulate creativity in children and adults alike
Vintage wildlife photos illustrate a children's story about koalas
Retellings of eight Australian Aboriginal tales, mostly focusing on the koala -- a powerful figure in Aboriginal lore
Gryphon Award-winning ecological fantasy novel, now available from Double Dragon Publishing (February 2006)
Volume I of The Ribbons of Power, this was Honor Book Award winner in Andre Norton's Gryphon Award competition
Volume II of The Ribbons of Power
A professor is murdered. Can the plot be unraveled?

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