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The Beat of Gaia's Heart

A Christmas Tea Party -- Down Under style

If you've ever taken part in one of those parties where everyone gathers at one home for the appetizer, then goes on somewhere else for the main course, then someplace else for dessert, you know that the variety can be amazing and you can meet some really nice people.

Maybe you've taken part in one of those on the Web, too, such as the one that Karen Waschinski hosted at Halloween ( Those are a lot of fun, too, and once again, you can meet some really nice people.

Well, I'd like to invite everyone to the Christmas teddy bear version of this. Teddy bear artist Ginger Brame is hosting a Christmas Tea Party for all the toys, and it's here:

On December 5, you can follow the links to all the teddy bear (and other) artists on her blog, and see what a Christmas Tea for All the Toys means to each one. It promises to be a very magical time. And, of course, here you will see what it means for koalas (my earliest "teddy bear" was a koala, and even though I know perfectly well they're not actually bears, those stuffed ones definitely qualify as toys).

See you on December 5, for the Koalas' Christmas Tea for All the Toys. :)

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