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The Beat of Gaia's Heart

Like Water Down the Drain

New Jersey's got budget problems. Everybody knows that. Governor Christie has been slashing money from schools, aid to senior citizens, environmental projects, municipalities, and all sorts of other places that really can't afford to lose funding in this economic climate.
But there's one thing the governor seems to have overlooked: the state is spending money on bottled water for its meetings, when it's cheaper, healthier, and less wasteful to just turn on the faucet and fill some pitchers with tap water. SAFE tap water.
Nobody even knows what's in bottled water, because it's not regulated the way tap water is. In fact, lots of bottled water IS tap water -- only WAY more expensive, not to mention the bisphenol A in the bottles themselves (not healthy), nor the need to recycle the bottles or have them sit in a landfill for longer than the lifespans of NJ residents.
C'mon, Governor, if you mean what you say about saving money, make some "convenience" cuts and do away with bottled water! You'll save more than money if you do.
NJ residents, if you'd like to sign a petition to convince the governor to get off the bottle, go here: http://tinyurl.com/39z3zgh
After all, we're all having to cut non-essentials out of our budgets to get by in these times. Why shouldn't the state?
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