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The Beat of Gaia's Heart

Guest Blogger: Chris Redding and her latest mystery, A View to a Kilt

Please welcome today’s guest blogger, Chris Redding. If you’ve been wondering what her latest mystery novel is about, here’s a little teaser, as well as a short excerpt to give you a taste. Check it out, and leave a comment or ask a question!

Waking up next to a dead guy can ruin your whole day. When a wise-cracking interior decorator wants to put her past behind her, the dead body of the mayor’s son makes her realize that won’t happen too easily. A conservative former computer geek for the FBI is holding on too tightly to his past. His wife died under suspicious circumstances and he believes the decorator has the information to solve the case. Unfortunately for him, she isn’t speaking until a series of events convinces her she needs protection, especially when her biggest secret threatens to destroy both of their lives.

From A View to a Kilt

Waking up next to a dead guy can ruin your whole day.

At least interior decorator Miriam Stokes thought so.

The Philadelphia police detective whose name she couldn’t remember talked soothingly to her, making her feel, not better, but at least calmer.

As calm as anyone could feel after finding a dead body. How did she get herself into these things? Read More 

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