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"The fairest thing we can experience is the mysterious." - Albert Einstein

New and Available from Double Dragon/Blood Moon in e-book and paperback:
The Trail Through the Mist

When sixteen-year-old DeeDee Logan’s widowed father inherits a farm in the Ozarks, the two leave New Jersey behind to find out if they can make the transition from city to country life. But Glenn Logan, already retreating into grief, withdraws even more from DeeDee when they reach the farm. She must fend for herself, with only the friendship of seventeen-year-old neighbor Brian Davis, and a Cherokee girl, Adsila, whom they meet on a mysterious trail that seems to appear and disappear at will.

Brian's mother is also widowed, but he and DeeDee find they share more than the loss of a parent. His sympathetic mother sees DeeDee's loneliness and would like to help Glenn cope with the death of his wife. But none of them know that Glenn Logan and Elaine Davis have met before—or that DeeDee and her boyfriend Brian must find a way to rescue Adsila and her cavalry officer lover from death on the Trail of Tears in 1834. DeeDee’s family’s very survival depends on it.

Now out from Double Dragon/Blood Moon and Amazon:
Love and Darker Passions!

Lee's long out-of-print tale "Rainsong" appears in this new anthology, which she co-edited with Alexis Brooks de Vita. Look for stories about the darker magic of love in this horror anthology from Blood Moon Publishing, which includes tales by C. E. Murphy and Karen Duvall. Out in e-book, coming soon in paperback -- available now from the publisher and at Amazon!

Minstrel Alaw o'r Dial put aside her own life years ago to take the road of song, rescue her sister, and seek vengeance on the raiders who killed the rest of her family and her betrothed. But the sight of a night procession of the fae, and an elflord whose gaze promises a different sort of magic, coupled with the appearance of a changeling child in a small village, combine to send her on a journey from which she may not return.



Drama magnate Stan Richards is obsessed with his family's past: the ignominious death of his actor great-grandfather on a London street, the slow demise of his playwright grandfather in an obscure English village, his own banishment at his father's decree for defying his ban on the theater. Determined to uncover the truth of the family's doom, driven to succeed, he follows his obsession to a small Ozarks town -- to the theater where his great-grandfather's fate was sealed.

There he revives a haunting that has poisoned the town almost since the theater was built. It will expose the truth about his ancestry and his own obsessions even as it ensnares others in its web -- those who tread the theater's boards during its restoration and revival: the actor Declan Garrett, his costar Phyllida Hancock, and the rest of the cast of Golden Leaves -- a play penned by an obscure Ozarks playwright more than a century before, during the theater's heyday.

Declan, haunted by his own personal tragedy, and Phyllida, psychically gifted and able to see bits and pieces of the truth, are caught up in a generations-old struggle that has ensnared the players. Steve Yates, the director, has loved Phyllida for years, but she has loved Declan. Knowing his secret history, she has comforted and supported him throughout their careers even as she has stood back from claiming him for her own.

But now Declan's very life is threatened, as is Phyllida's sanity. Will love be strong enough to conquer death -- or will the theater's atmosphere of obsession, hatred, and love instead conquer the cast?

E-Book, Kindle, Paperback:

Love can survive death, but so can hate. The two collide in this haunted Ozarks tale of betrayal and heroism -- on both sides of the grave.

Camilla Carthan's husband is dead, murdered by his mistress. The shocked widow, ignorant of her husband's infidelities, is haunted by the loss of what she thought was a good marriage -- and soon is haunted by something far more terrifying: Tim Carthan, bent on claiming Camilla's psychic powers for his own.

As Tim reaches out from the grave to steal Camilla's abilities for his own twisted pleasure, she flees to a sanctuary she's seen only in dreams: a generations-old, hand-built home deep in the haunted Ozarks hills of Blackburn County. Something in that house, in that place of ancient power, shields her from Tim's terrifying presence.

What Camilla doesn't know is that her shield is another ghost -- the ghost of Jeffrey Adams, who lost his reason and died, mad and alone, in the home he built for the girl who refused him. He has remained there, feared by locals and strangers alike, defending his abode from the incursions of time and vandals for nearly two hundred years. He welcomes Camilla, who sees him in her dreams and seems to have no fear of him -- unlike everyone else who has come to his home since his own death so many years ago. But what will she think when she knows the truth?

And which is stronger -- the ancient ghost, or the powerful new revenant bent on vengeance and destruction? As ghosts go to war over a living woman, will love -- or anything -- survive?

Celebrate Christmas Down Under with A Summer Party in Koalaland!

It may be getting colder in the Northern Hemisphere, but in Australia it's warming up -- just in time for a party. Kids will love this gentle tale of how animals decide to celebrate the emergence of a koala joey (baby) from the pouch.

Back in the Long-Ago, a gentle period long after the Dreamtime yet before the modern world, there was a place known as Koalaland. It was a peaceful place, Koalaland, tucked away between the Outback and the Never-Never, safe and quiet, as befits a region in which the sleepy koala drowses and wakes occasionally to feast on gum leaves and remember the grand old days. One wonderful summer day, however, everyone was excited. A baby koala—a joey—had come out of his mother's pouch for the first time, and everyone was in the mood for a celebration to mark the occasion.

Vintage photos of koalas and other indigenous Australian wildlife illustrate the story as children are introduced, not just to the animals, but to some traditional Australian Aboriginal tales on a very simple level. Even the youngest will enjoy looking at the pictures of this summer celebration of life in the Outback.

Not just for children -- inspire your creativity with images from Down Under!

This new book, with a glossary by Lee that tells about all the wonderful creatures within its pages, not only introduces children to Australian wildlife but also offers opportunities for artists and crafters to indulge their creativity.

Attractive illustrations, several of which were also featured in the book Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings, were designed with any skill level and age in mind. Finished landscapes may serve as an inspiration to unleash the artist within. Line art can be completed with colored pencils, felt-tip markers, oil pastels, crayons, or acrylic and watercolor paint. Skilled illustrators are invited to make practical use by scanning in illustrations for existing projects, collage work, stained glass designs, knitting, quilt and appliqué patterns, woodworking, or framed wall art.

Broaden your children's horizons, and perhaps your own, with a visit Down Under.

Now available on Kindle: Lee's award-winning environmental thriller -- more Earth-friendly than ever!

There are spirits afoot deep in the Ozark hills and hollows of Blackburn County, Arkansas. Things happen. Ghosts walk. Elemental creatures dance to the wild music of the rhythms of Nature. And those who've lived in the hills for generations can see them.

April Rue Stoner grew up thinking she must be crazy. Cut off from her mother's side of the family, who understood such things, she wondered why trees seemed to speak to her and why Daddy was so afraid if she talked about them.

But at last, through the lens of a camera, April Rue learned that what she saw was real -- and if she captured it on film, others could see it too.

Now she finds herself pitted against a developer who grew up in poverty and hungers for the chance to drive it from his old Ozarks home for good. Scarred by his own personal tragedies, Trevor Dalton will stop at nothing to bring his own version of prosperity to a land poor in money but rich in other ways.

Only one man in his organization might have a clue about what he's doing, and how -- but is Owen Ferris strong enough to take him on?

The ghosts and elementals still dwell among the hills April Rue knows so well -- but now there's activity of another kind ravaging their haunts: bulldozers, chainsaws, and hunters of man and beast.

As old-growth trees fall to developers, rivers are dammed, hollows are flooded, and residents are driven from land settled by their many-times-great-grandparents, the land itself begins to rise up -- and April Rue hopes against hope that her gift can help her stop the destruction before everything she's ever known is gone.

Koalas Are Magical!

How much do you know about these wonderful creatures from the Land Down Under? Seek out some Aboriginal wisdom today in Lee's book!

Help The Animals!

With each purchase of Lee's book, Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings, you'll be helping the Australian Wildlife Hospital, founded in memory of the late Steve Irwin's mother Lyn and a major project of Wildlife Warriors Worldwide. The Hospital treats more than 6,000 wildlife patients annually, about 10% of which are koalas -- and they treat up to 30 species daily, on average. They get nearly 100 calls for help every day, with more than 50 koalas currently undergoing treatment. With these numbers, they are already expanding. In November of 2008, they opened a new hospital -- much larger and more Earth-friendly than their original facility -- and now the demand for their services is greater than ever.

Help them in their mission, so that they can continue to preserve, protect, and heal Australian wildlife. Check out their site, and then check out Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings. ALL AUTHOR AND ARTIST ROYALTIES FROM THIS BOOK GO TO HELP THE HOSPITAL.

Want to do more? Check out Wildcare Australia!

This stunning art book by Deron Douglas, artist, publisher, and the moving force behind Double Dragon Publishing, has an introduction by Lee Barwood.

Mick the rare white koala is helped by medical treatment

See the YouTube trailer for Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings!

Check out Koala Jo Publishing to see more fabulous books on the koala!

Join Live Earth 2007 With Action! Help the Planet!

Scroll down to see what you can do to stop global warming, save the animals, and protect the Earth.

The newsletter is LIVE. Want to learn more about animals and the environment, and find ways to help? Sign up for the newsletter and learn how! Just click on Environment, in the toolbar above, and you'll be taken to the newsletter page, where you can sign up. You can read the first issue now.

Be a part of the solution!

Limited Time Publisher's Sale! Order Now!

Lee's new book Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings is now available for order at a sale price on the publisher's website. The book is also available at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Borders Bookstores. See reviews at the publisher's site, or click on the link to your right below.

For an autographed copy, contact Lee (scroll down to the "E-mail me!" link at left). Each purchase of the book benefits the Australian Wildlife Hospital, a project of Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, Steve Irwin's foundation. There's also an e-book version available, which is kinder to the planet -- no paper, no ink, no shipping materials, and no postage! -- and it contributes to the Hospital as well. Do something good for the Earth and for yourself too!


August 16-18
One good cause helps another as Lee signs books at TBAI, the Teddy Bear Artists Invitational, in Binghamton, NY. TBAI benefits the Ross Park Zoo, and so will Lee's appearance. She will be fundraising for the Australian Wildlife Hospital with sales of her book Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings and other Koala Jo books.

Mystery author John Lamb will also be there with his new book The False-Hearted Teddy.


July 18
Story Hour and Book Signing
Lee presents a story hour, with harp music, followed by a signing, at the Borders Books in Whitehall, PA. The store is located at 1937 Macarthur Rd., Whitehall, PA 18052; phone is (610) 432-5520.


June 1-3
BookExpo America
Lee goes to New York, and signs copies of her environmental novel A Dream of Drowned Hollow at the Mystery Writers of America booth on Saturday, June 2.

Lee Barwood, seated, center, at BEA with (L to R) Judith Peck, Ed.D.; Gurdip Hari; Bob Secreti; and Bettina Sparkles. Photo NABE


May 19
Book Launch Party in Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Lee will be in Reynoldsburg to celebrate the launch of Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings with Donna Boiman and the young students of the Central Ohio Art Academy, some of the illustrators of the book.

While there, Lee will visit both the Columbus and Cleveland Zoos.


April 25
Wildlife Warriors acknowledges Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings!
Wildlife Warriors Worldwide has posted news about Lee's new book on its website's fundraising page. Acknowledgment of the book's efforts to help the koala and other Australian wildlife means a lot -- and can help even more wildlife!

April 21
Lee's been interviewed by the Asbury Park Press! Go here to read the article. Then celebrate Earth Day by doing something for the planet -- or for someone you love.

April 19
Lee will read from her new book Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings for the children of Holy Family School in Hazlet, NJ, as part of Read Across America.

April 2 through April 8
Lee is the week-long guest of the Yahoo! group for the Muse It Up Club, voted one of Writer's Digest's 101 Best Writing Sites in both 2005 and 2006. There she'll talk about ecofiction, her books, and anything else about writing that the members ask about. If you're interested, check out the Club and the group!


Another New Review -- Called a "Must Read"!

Three Roses from The Muse Book Review! Says Lea Schizas, "If you are looking for a heroine to cheer. . . , then A Dream of Drowned Hollow is the book you’ve been searching for. And it’s no wonder it won the Andre Norton’s Gryphon Award . . . I highly recommend this book as a must read."

New Article About Klassic Koalas

To learn more about the kids who helped to illustrate Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings, Lee's new book, check out this link in Ohio's Eastside Messenger.

Editor Joanne Ehrich, herself an artist, has also provided original illustrations and designed the cover! For more information, and a great animation of the book's cover, check out the publisher's website.

To learn more about who did what in the collaborative artwork for this book, click on the link in the Selected Works column, above and to your right!

ANOTHER New Interview!

Check out Lea’s Blog Site and
The Writing Jungle: Lea’s Blog
Happy Reading!

Interview is up!

Go to the Pets Blog to read about Lee, koalas, dogs, and writing -- and to see another adorable picture of Tribby.


From Euro-Reviews for A Dream of Drowned Hollow

Scroll down and look on the left side of the page for the latest feeds about the environment, updated daily, courtesy of Environmental Health News.

New Interview with Lee

Watch for the link on Monday, February 12! Lee will be interviewed by Courtney Mroch on Families.com's Pets Blog, where she talks about the animals in her fiction, her new koala book, and Tribby.

Click the link now to see other interviews with authors who write about pets and animals -- their own, and others'!

The Beat of Gaia's Heart

A new article on ecofiction by Lee Barwood is one of the highlights of author Marilyn Peake's The Golden Goblet Newsletter in February.

Click here and scroll down on Marilyn's website to learn more. Find out how to sign up for Marilyn's free e-newsletter, filled with great articles on writing, links to new scientific discoveries, and Web pages for children's activities.

MAY 1:

New Book to Help Save Australian Wildlife

Lee's new book is a collection of retellings of Australian Aboriginal legends.

Klassic Koalas: Ancient Aboriginal Tales in New Retellings, now out from Koala Jo Publishing, not only introduces readers young and old to stories told by native Australians about the Dreamtime, but also contributes to the care of Australian wildlife. Because Lee has donated her royalties from this book to help the koala, an animal she has loved since childhood, each sale of this book will help to fund the Australian Wildlife Hospital of Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors Worldwide.


See the YouTube trailer for A Dream of Drowned Hollow!


Lee's long-awaited suspense thriller pits an Ozark girl with unusual gifts against a developer determined to have his way.

From the back jacket:

"There are spirits afoot deep in the Ozark hills of Blackburn County, Arkansas. Things happen. Ghosts walk. Elemental creatures dance to the wild music of the rhythms of Nature. And those who’ve lived in the hills for generations can see them.

"But now there’s activity of another kind ravaging the hills; bulldozers, chainsaws, and hunters of man and beast. As old-growth trees fall to developers, rivers are dammed, hollows are flooded, and residents are driven from land settled by their many-times-great-grandparents, April Rue Stoner hopes against hope that her gift can help her stop the destruction before everything she’s ever known is gone."

See Reviews

From The Muse Book Review, Lea Schizas: "If you are looking for a heroine to cheer. . . , then A Dream of Drowned Hollow is the book you’ve been searching for. And it’s no wonder it won the Andre Norton’s Gryphon Award . . . I highly recommend this book as a must read." Lea gives it a rating of three roses!

From Euro-Reviews: "Lee Barwood possesses a most rare and inestimable gift . . . She goes beyond just making the story real; the reader comes away feeling as if the story has actually been lived out within us . . . This reviewer hopes it will only be the first of many more from the exceptional author Lee Barwood."

From Andrea Maloney of Spinetingler Magazine: " Lee Barwood has written an absolutely fabulous ecological fantasy novel that will take your breath away."

From ForeWord Magazine: "Barwood's language is beautifully wrought . . . rushes to a satisfying conclusion, one in which evil gets its comeuppance and balance is achieved in a most unforseeable manner."

From Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine: "Barwood deftly weaves all genres into this satisfying read . . . She sucks you in."

From Kevin Tipple: "It is rare to read a novel that so powerfully captures the beauty of a region and the need to practice conservation and proper stewardship of the land . . . the author weaves a spellbinding tale. . . ."

Mysterious Doings

In Lee's short story "Cold Comfort" in the pages of Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine's November/December issue, Lila Rowe must find a way to escape her abusive husband. But there's a complication: She must also save a herd of rescued horses from certain death.


Double Dragon Publishing's first Illuminated Manuscripts anthology includes Lee's short story "The Minstrel," originally published in somewhat different form in Space & Time Magazine.
Love has led Hugh the minstrel to accept a witch's enchantment -- to remain in the form of a small silver statuette till the kiss of his beloved releases him. But love was blind, and the woman he loves is false. Bound to play and sing through the night until the spell is broken, the little silver statue is thought to be cursed -- or haunted -- and Hugh, frozen in time, wonders if love will ever find a way to release him.

While the harp looms large in Gryphon Award-winning fantasy author Lee Barwood's fiction, there's more than music to be found at this site. Lee is very involved in the subjects that she writes about, and some of her research sources can be found in the links included here.

Look to the right, and throughout the website, for links to more information on:
Fiction and poetry
Freelance editorial consulting
Harp performance and instruction
Music as medicine
Holistic medicine and health
Animal welfare issues
The environment
Women's issues

Watch for SPOTLIGHT headers, here and elsewhere on the site. These indicate a noteworthy publication or timely issue.

Did you know that donating old furs can save a baby animal's life, or help an injured or sick wild animal to recover? The Humane Society of the United States accepts donated furs, everything from whole coats to collars and cuffs (shearling included), and passes them along to wildlife rehabilitators, who can use those furs to make nests for orphaned, ill, or injured animals in their care. The furry nests can lower the animal's stress level and offer comfort.

If you have old fur coats, hats, stoles, shearling coats, collars, cuffs, gloves, or muffs -- in short, any fur items -- that you would like to dispose of, please consider donating them to the HSUS. Save an animal's life, and make a difference by giving fur back to the animals! For more information, go to www.hsus.org/furdonation.

To donate, place your fur items in a large sturdy box (a padded envelope will work for small items, says the HSUS), and mail to:

The Humane Society of the United States
2100 L St., NW
Washington, D.C. 20037
Attn: Andrea Cimino


Issue # 14 of HarpLight: The Journal for Small Harps contains an original piece of therapy music and an essay about playing harp for hospital patients and their families by Lee, writing as Marlene Satter.


A superb site for research on folklore, mythology, sacred traditions, and their effects on or meanings for current events is www.mythinglinks.org, maintained by Kathleen Jenks, Ph.D., a retired faculty member of the Mythological Studies Department at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Dr. Jenks' site is laden with essays, links, artwork, and discussions on current events that will give you plenty to think about. Animal lovers in particular should check out her essay, Through the Sacred Fires: the Animals of Beltane, which will give pause for thought about the animals in factory farms and their effects on our everyday lives.

Foods Pets Die For
Food Pets Die For

Learn what's in the dog food you feed your pets, and how you can protect their health.

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