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The Beat of Gaia's Heart

The Two Faces of Humanity

June 26, 2011

Tags: foreclosure, abandon, pet, dog, bionic, prosthesis, prosthetic paws, Christie Tomlinson, SPCA, frostbite, puppy, rescue

I’ve written before about people who abandon their pets when their homes are foreclosed. They just walk away, often locking the pets in the house, knowing on some level that they’re sentencing them to a slow and painful death but not caring enough to do anything about it, even to make a quick trip to a shelter.

But a clearer example of the difference between humans so ignorant of their pets’ lives that they would leave them to die without a thought, and those who fight not just to save them but to give them better lives, would be hard to find than the story of Naki’o. (more…)

It's All About Love

June 25, 2011

Tags: dog, rescue, wedding, dress, rocker, Maria Daines, save, help, recycle, green, cruelty-free

Weddings are all about love, right? Those of you ladies who are happily married would probably rather get rid of just about anything else than part with your wedding dresses -- I know I would. But the big-hearted and unselfish rocker Maria Daines is auctioning hers off -- for dog rescue funds.

Here's the deal. (more…)

Life and Death Among the Dolphins: We Need to Act!

February 26, 2011

Tags: dolphin, Gulf, oil spill, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, dog, swim, exhausted, intelligence, altrustic, rescue, death, energy efficiency, jobs, economy, pollution, Congress

Dolphins were in the headlines this week in ways that were both scary and awe-inspiring.

The first piece of news, terribly sad and, in my opinion, indicative of the depth to which we are being deceived about the results of the Gulf oil crisis, is the number of dead baby dolphins that have washed (more…)

Attention Music Lovers: Auction for Death Row Dogs

January 24, 2011

Tags: shelter, dogs, breed, compassion, rescue, music, auction, fundraiser, rocker, Maria Daines, DDAWatch

If you love dogs and good music, here's your chance to help one while enjoying the other. Rocker Maria Daines, an amazing singer/composer with a band that won't quit, can be found at http://www.maria-daines.com and is holding another fundraising auction to help out overloaded shelters. The auction link is http://tinyurl.com/4k3ogve and I can't recommend her music highly enough. The cause speaks for itself. (more…)

One small step

June 27, 2010

Tags: New Orleans, pets, dog, cat, oil spill, Gulf, shelter, rescue, ARNO

The horrors of the Gulf oil spill daily grow worse. People losing jobs; a boat captain reportedly committing suicide in despair; sea creatures and birds coated with oil; cleanup workers getting sick. The pictures are graphic and tragic.

There's another toll that's rising every day. In addition to the coastal and sea creatures dying from oil as rescue workers struggle to save as many as possible, animal shelters are filling up with domestic pets as people can no longer afford to keep them. (more…)

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